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10 Problogging Tips For Tumblr Blogger

Problogging is becoming popular since it provides opportunities for people to be creative and earn a lot of money from their posts. 10 Problogging Tips For Tumblr BloggerHowever, one of the things that people miss is the fact that you need to spend a lot of time honing whatever skills you have right now.

Considering the Google Panda update, there is no room for blogs and other posts that are irrelevant. Google has developed an algorithm that would pinpoint those that are high quality.

Tumblr is a relatively new blogging platform compared to the more seasoned WordPress and Blogger. What makes Tumblr so unique is that it offers a micro blogging platform that makes sharing and re-blogging a lot easier.

And even though there are fewer longer posts in Tumblr than in other blogging platforms, this doesn’t mean that you can’t turn pro using this micro blogging format. Here are 10 pro-blogging tips on how you can turn from a casual blogger to a pro.

  1. 1.        Make a user friendly theme

More than the looks, there should be easy navigation in your site. It is crucial to take the feedback of your readers to tell you if it fits their taste or not.

  1. 2.        Have a domain name

Any pro blog should have his or her own domain name. This increases the likelihood of online readers in taking your blog seriously. It only costs less than $20 and you are already good to go.

  1. 3.        Think of a name

What’s in a name? For a Tumblr problogger, it holds a key to whether or not you will be remembered by your visitors. When you don’t have a catchy name for your blog, be prepared to also get slow traffic and regular visitors. The domain name is one thing but most of the time, it is the name of the blog that sticks to the memory of interested parties reading your blog.

  1. 4.        Think of an overall theme for your blog

You need to know the direction of your blog. You need to make sure that your topics are going to revolve on one thought. In fact, the fewer the themes, the better it is and the easier it is possible to get recognized by a specific niche. Blogs only get a following when they provide a number of content useful to other people.

  1. 5.        Stick to what you do best

If you are writing things that you are not really aware of, it is easy to get bored and be distracted. If you want to be a professional blogger, you need to generate the best contents and one of the easiest ways to channel your creativity is by discussing things that you love. If you love writing in its own, you can write certain tips and issues that affect writing as a whole.

  1. 6.        Know when to post

According to a study based on 1.5 billion emails opened by subscribers worldwide, the best time to provide an email is during the weekends. As for Facebook and other social media sites, the best time to share content is during the afternoon. This goes to show that timing is important in order to generate interaction. As a pro, you should also know this.

  1. 7.        Interact on social media

Most pro bloggers have a fan page for their blog. When you post your link to the page, it is common to generate discussions. It is a good idea to encourage interaction and let people read your blog over and over again through shares.

  1. 8.        Accept advertisements

Why call yourself a pro when nobody is actually paying you? When you have traffic to your site, you can put widgets which could lead to your sponsors. The good thing in the online world is that no matter how small money is involved, as long as someone is willing to pay, you can call yourself a pro!

  1. 9.        Comment on other blogs

When you comment on other blogs, you should include your site and your name. It keeps other people aware of your blog and  it is also healthy in terms of SEO.

  1. 10.     Study other successful blogs

It is not bad to pattern your writing style or posting schedule on the other successful blogs out there. If their formula worked in dominating a specific niche, why not apply it on your blog?

Blogging is now popular because of the information that we could get from different people. It is not curtailed by editors or publishers with interests to protect. And if you want to turn pro doing blogging, apply these 10 simple pro blogging tips so you can ensure your success.


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