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10 Tips to Boost Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube is a powerful tool that any business can utilize in order to increase web presence.  We believe that humans are visually 10 Tips to Boost Your YouTube Marketing Strategystimulated and they would rather engage on anything that is attractive to their sight. This is the reason why a Facebook post for instance can hold more interaction when it has an image. According to a study, an online user is 12 times more likely to engage on a video than a post that is mainly made of words.

Videos are often used in different ways, it can be used to narrate stories and to encourage a certain action. Do you remember the Kony 2012 viral video? People simply liked, shared and even donated part of their savings for such cause. It is one of the best examples of the effectiveness of video marketing. In today’s age of high speed internet, it has allowed everyone to stream videos smoothly with the best resolutions out there.

  1. 1.        Release an Instructional Video

Small companies can increase the likelihood of followers on YouTube when they provide simple tutorials. For instance, a company that caters to the food market can show simple to cook recipes. The renovation companies on the other hand can show a couple of videos on how to perform some DIY renovations at home. The possibilities are infinite when it comes to instructional videos. Similar to providing useful content online, this can leave an impression to the market that the company is one of the best in the niche.

  1. 2.        Enter link of your website on your channel

Since YouTube allows adding more links, you can utilize this to increase the traffic to your main site. It is also possible to add your Facebook page and Twitter account.

  1. 3.        Change Your Channel’s Appearance

Customize the aesthetic appeal of your Channel in order to attract more subscribers to view more videos or to subscribe to your channel. It is fairly simple but it personalizes your account from other businesses.

  1. 4.        SEO friendly text and tagson your channel

Search engine optimization is the process of using the search engine algorithm to make a webpage appear on the search result pages. Use strategic keywords in the description and even in your channel’s title in order to make it easier for the search engine spiders to index your channel. Tags can also come in handy to your SEO campaign. Using Adwords, you can determine which ones are useful for you. You may choose either competitive or non competitive keywords depending on the strategy you are after.

  1. 5.        Choose the Right Resolution

A lot of online users are now visually stimulated by high definition videos. Use an HD camera or better yet, hire someone who can shoot the video for you professionally.

  1. 6.        Use the Right Call to Action

Your videos should contain, terms like “Click here”, “follow us on Twitter”, “Like us on Facebook”, or anything that you can list them as one of your subscribers.

  1. 7.        Maximize YouTube Trends

You can maximize the visibility of your videos by joining the bandwagon. Trends can definitely set a fresh number of visitors to your videos and increase the likelihood of new leads.

  1. 8.        Short Videos Vs. Long Videos

Online users have a short attention span. If you are willing to risk throwing a 30 minute presentation, be sure that you could pull off having their eyes glued to the monitor for the whole duration of the video. For starting businesses, 1 to 3 minutes is already enough.

  1. 9.        Open the comment section

A lot of businesses are afraid of feedback. You need to understand that feedback is important in today’s social media n order to increase the company’s popularity in the World Wide Web. Though there will be negative comments, remember to always answer politely.

  1. 10.     Assess and Reassess Your Content

If your video still hasn’t gone viral, you may assess why. Is the content poor? You can compare these things to your competition to determine which area you need to improve.

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