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Towhid Zaman Archive

10 Problogging Tips For Tumblr Blogger

Problogging is becoming popular since it provides opportunities for people to be creative and earn a lot of money from their posts. However, one of the things that people miss is the fact that you need to spend a lot of time honing whatever ...Read More

Solo Ad Review – Matthew Barnett

Recently I ordered a 100 clicks solo ad from Matthew Barnett.  He is a nice guy & I know you’ve already noticed it if you’ve the chance to chat with him. He generated massive 161 unique clicks. Now that’s 61% over-delivery. It converted 38.51% ...Read More

Solo Ad Review – David Canham

Do you know David Canham? You probably know because he is a great JV manager. Anyway, I ordered a solo ad blast to his list. He offers single day blast $30, 3 days blast$75, 5 Days blast $125. He said that his list’s openings vary as ...Read More

How to Create a Winning Facebook Marketing Strategy

Given that almost everyone is in the social media sites today, companies should adapt to the changing times and also become visible in these sites. Social media has changed the way big and small companies behave and conduct business. Compared to conventional advertising strategies, ...Read More
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