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How to Create an Effective Email Campaign

Given the social media trends and the other types of modern internet marketing strategies, a lot of people think that email is already How to Create an Effective Email Campaigndead. This is a myth and in fact, email has outlived a lot of online trends through the years!

Revolutionizing the world of communication since 1996, emails are here to stay for the next decades to come.  And since people still use their emails regularly, email marketing is one of the most effective ways for a business to prosper into its niche.

Since most subscribers could easily perceive your messages as spam, it is imperative for any business to formulate an effective email campaign. The last thing that a company would like to happen is for a prospect to unsubscribe or to mark the messages as spam.

Establish a Good Subject

There is a big problem nowadays on how to engage an email campaign effectively. According to a study, 59% of new subscribers are not engaged. They don’t click on emails or even open it! For a small or a medium scale business, though it is easy to blast everyone with an email, it is important to also get their attention.

A subject that reads with a sense of urgency could make the big difference between an email that will later be trashed and an email which will be read and opened. Keep in mind that though only 25% of the total subscribers will participate, it is still a good number to begin with. It all begins with a strong subject in order to increase this number of active subscribers.

Provide Free Infographs or Ebooks

One of the natures of online users is that they will pool to anything that says free. And since everyone loves freebies no matter how cheap or expensive it is, this is one of the best ways on how to widen not only your email subscribers but also interaction. Infographs and ebooks are some of the most inexpensive giveaways that subscribers will feel privileged to receive.

In fact, it could be used to reward those who opened your emails or those who subscribed to you. When giving away these items, you can provide some additional announcements that could get them interested.

Choose a Free Tool

There are two companies that could help you with your email marketing subscribers and campaign proper, MailChimp and Tiny Letter are two of the most popular tools that could give you a detailed account on who is signing up for your email subscription. You could set up an account where a fill up form will be provided for your prospects to leave their email.

Schedule the Email Blast

Times when there is a spike in the spending like Christmas and Black Friday Sales; these are days that businesses should prepare for. In terms of email marketing, they should prepare to provide coupons and updates on their stocks.

The right timing for your emails may mean conversion of your leads to sales. But of course, it isn’t just all about selling though. You have to give them updates and even discounts on regular days to keep your target market looking out for your emails.

Email is not yet obsolete. When people are still reliant on their emails to interact and communicate, it is synonymous to the modern mailbox. Getting information into your prospect’s email can in fact increase the potential success of a small or midscale business. It is efficient and it doesn’t cost anything to run an effective email marketing campaign.


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