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How to Create a Popular Tumblr Blog

Blogging has changed the way we pass information. Different blogging platforms provide different characteristics shaped for different How to Create a Popular Tumblr Bloguses. For instance, WordPress and Blogger are two of the most popular platforms for those bloggers planning to produce long contents. Monetizing your blogs can also be a consideration to stick with Blogger instead of any other platforms available out there. However, if you choose to have a Tumblr account, then you need to know what this blogging platform is all about. Tumblr is among the flag bearers of micro blogging together with Twitter. This means that you can post short texts or just photos.

Getting thousands of followers on Tumblr is easy. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps and you will be ahead of the other Tumblr users.

Have a specific target audience

Every blog is meant to be read by someone. When you don’t have a target audience and you just keep on writing without any direction, most likely, there won’t be a significant following to classify your blog as popular. Is your audience young people? What are they like? From these questions, you can formulate and brainstorm ideas you are going to provide for them.


One of the things that keep visitors reading your blog is the aesthetically appealing theme that you chose. You want to make sure that you find the one that can attractively place your posts in a very organized manner.

Brainstorming Content

Though it is a micro blogging site, you have to keep in mind that content is still in the heart of Tumblr. You need to provide good content in order to attract pool of people into your Tumblr blog. You can find the blogs in WordPress, Blogger and other popular platforms to teach you a thing or two on what to write.

Make use of SEO

Search engine optimization is the best way for any page in the World Wide Web to be found in an organic manner. Using the most useful keywords to rank in the search engine pages is the best way to gain the attention of your market.

Integrate Social Media

Social media is growing in an unprecedented rate; In fact, Facebook now has 1 billion users. Shares on social media can be beneficial to the popularity of the blog in two ways. One, your contact can see whatever it is you are writing or posting. Two, the shares on social media is a go signal for the search engine spiders to consider the page as something that holds important information useful for the World Wide Web users.

In order to save time sharing what you have written, it is also a good idea to automate the updates on Twitter to post links of your new posts whenever it gets published.

Schedule your posts

Once you’ve become comfortable to how you write, you want to make sure that you schedule your posts. Study the demographics and the stats as to when is the best time to publish a new post. Instead of dropping everything all at once, it is ideal to keep the blog filled with updates throughout the week or so.

The secret to your blogging success is keeping your posts as engaging as possible. With a crappy content that no one is interested in; its popularity will really be unlikely. These strategies can work only if you know how to hit the interest of a specific audience willing to read and even share what you wrote.


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