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How to Create a Winning Facebook Marketing Strategy

Given that almost everyone is in the social media sites today, companies should adapt to the changing times and also become visible inHow to Create a Winning Facebook Marketing Strategy these sites. Social media has changed the way big and small companies behave and conduct business.

Compared to conventional advertising strategies, social media costs a lot less and yields more. 42% of small businesses today are not even spending a single cent to their social media marketing strategies and only 17% are spending $100 monthly.

Looking into the statistics, Facebook is the number one social media outlet followed by Twitter, Google+ and Linked IN. With as much as one billion members in 2012 for Facebook, the social media giant is a trend setter in the internet marketing field.

For any company, social media is an efficient way to interact and build relations with your target market. So how do you utilize Facebook as a marketing tool? Here are some effective ways on how you can have a solid winning Facebook marketing strategy.

Build an Aesthetically Appealing Page

The first thing that any company should do is to have a business Facebook page that would be managed by a group of people. After doing so, an aesthetically appealing Facebook page is the next step to attracting more subscribers and interaction online. The cover photo will serve as the banner of your company’s Facebook page.

It could be a photo declaring discounts or it could simply be your logo. The more shares and the more comments that it could get, the better it is for your company. Therefore, it is not a bad idea after all to hire an in-house or a freelance graphics designer who could constantly provide a spunk to your Facebook page.

Establish More Likes

The number of likes would translate to the number of subscribers that are looking into your Facebook page. One of the best ways to increase your likes is by conducting contests that would end in a short period of time. Typically done in 3 to 7 days, these contests stir interests on whatever it is you are offering and in return get them to like the page.

In order to qualify for the contest, visitors will first have to like the Facebook page. Then, they should like the post and share it on their own timeline or friend’s timeline.  This strategy has been used by different businesses trying to introduce a product or generate leads.

Find The Right Voice

The “voice” of your company can encourage more comments, shares and likes. Social media is all about being personal with your clients and customers. Depending on the image of your company, you have two options when it comes to your company’s voice. It may be a serious tone or a more casual voice.

In order to find the most effective way of talking to your prospects, it takes a lot of research on the demographic and characteristics of your prospects. Also, you can find yourself looking into your competitor’s page to see just how they are doing it!

Schedule Your Posts

It is important to be constantly seen by your target market. Posts can increase the likelihood of your logo and company’s name to be visible on the feed. There should also be a scientific approach as to when you should post your updates. It depends from one country to the other but in the US and other parts of North America, the best time to do this is in the afternoon since people are already going online after work.

Facebook is a powerful tool not only for communication but also for the purpose of promoting a business. This modern venue for interaction has also revolutionized the way small and big businesses reach out to their clients and customers.

Using these strategies to establish a brand to your customers and prospects, it is now possible to reach market leadership position without the large sum of cash funneled to your advertising budget.

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