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Creative Tips for Promoting Your Blog Via Social Media

The experts say that an ideal way to divide up a blogger’s time is to create new blog posts 20% of the time, but spend about 80% of their time promoting their blog.iStock_000020317273XSmall

While this division of time may surprise a few bloggers who do the exact opposite, bloggers have to realize that if they really do not take the time and the effort to promote what they’ve written, then all their effort will be put to waste.

For bloggers who are still unsure on how to promote their blog, we’ve listed down a few tips on utilizing social media, so that these bloggers can promote their writing to the widest and biggest audience there is.

Sign up for a Google+ account Google+ is pretty much like Facebook, but it is a place where companies come to connect with each other. It is a good idea to keep your Google+ account active.

You can do this by posting the newest blog entries that you’ve written right on your page. That way, you immediately claim ownership of your blog and you will be in less danger of having other people “steal” your posts.

Make friends with fellow bloggers- This is a great idea to widen your social media circle. Instead of thinking that other bloggers are your competition, you can all help each other out. A great way to promote other bloggers is to reference them, and even link to their blogs. Do not think that this will be taking away from your blog, because the bloggers that become your friends will do the same for your blog too, leading their readers to yours. You can even do a few extra things, such as having joint guest posts.

Take it into podcasts- Podcasts work especially if you are considered an expert at the subject that you are blogging about. Readers always appreciate something extra, so podcasts will certainly be welcome. Also, podcasts may be more ideal for people who may be interested in what you are blogging about, but may not necessarily be fond of reading blogs. Through this manner, you are not alienating this different kind of audience, but reaching out to them too.

Go and conquer Youtube too- Plenty of bloggers, beauty and fashion bloggers, to be more exact, have taken to Youtube too. They use their blog entries and their videos to supplement each other. Creating videos on youtube is another way to endear yourself to your readers. They will have more things to watch out for, besides your blog.

So you see, blogging, coupled with social media can make for a very winning combination. You can certainly use social media to your advantage to grow your blog, and your online image and identity with it. Trust us and try to integrate some of these tips and give your blog the new influx of followers and readers that it may need and use.

Guest post by Sam Briones, a freelance writer and also contributes at Technovate Translations. If not writing for the language and culture subject, she’s on the keyboard writing about fashion and pop culture.

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