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How to Fire Up Traffic on Blogs and Posts with tumblr

An inexpensive tool to market products and to generate cash is blogging. Once you find the right blogging platform for you, you can How to Fire Up Traffic on Blogs and Posts with tumblreasily generate cash and even quit your nine to five desk job in exchange of blogging.  Because of the growing popularity of micro blogging, people choose Tumblr as their blogging platform. Tumblr is just like any other platform that can provide you with a number of perks. However, before you think of money, you first need to get consistent traffic to your site.

An indicator that the blog is really alive is when traffic is consistent. Traffic will drive the money into your wallet. And since it is the hardest thing to accomplish, here are simplified tips on how to fire up your hits!

Appearance of your blog

Though there are a lot of Tumblr themes available that can look good on your posts, you can still kick it up a notch by hiring someone who can build one for you. This way, the blog gets an authoritative look. Odesk, Freelancer and other sites online have a great concentration of web designers that you can hire.

Choose a niche

Niche is important since this will determine who your readers are. You can also determine the voice you are going to develop once you have pinpointed your specific readers. For instance, if you are going to cater to gadgets and technology niche, could you imagine reading blogs that don’t have the technical terms?

Schedule your posts

Regular posting on your blog is a way to get people to be aware of your schedule. Whether you are positing once a week or twice a week; you can drive people to look at your blog on a regular basis. In fact, this can become a habit for them which is better for your blog in the long run.

Keep the quality up

Remember that trash online will never be tolerated. If you post two or three consecutive contents that are irrelevant, you’ll find followers go one by one. You need to know the formula that would tickle the interest of the Tumblr readers and even those people that don’t have any Tumblr.

Use the Social media

If you are running a blog, it is a good idea to also have a Facebook page dedicated to your fans. You can conduct some contests on the social media sites in order to widen your subscribers and therefore creating a larger readership once you share the new content on Facebook and other social media sites.

SEO keywords and tagging

Tagging your content is good for SEO. If you are going to write your content, it is also a good idea to first look into the Google keyword tool in order to determine the terms that are viable to your niche.

Get a domain.

If you want readers to take you seriously, you may want to invest a few bucks in your domain name. The domain should be reflective of what you are going to provide. Also, it is possible to have a domain that would put your name on the map.

Make use of the necessary pages

Most Tumblr users don’t use pages. In fact, when you build the about page, contact page, links page etc; you are opening opportunities for interaction. Here is where people can contact you. And for your visibility in the search engine pages, these could provide additional content to help the blog get indexed.


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