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How to link your Facebook fanpage to Twitter?

Yesterday I was trying to find out a very important thing for my newly created fan page & that is connecting my fanpage to my twitter.Actually we all know that its possible to add twitter to your fanpage. Well if you don’t know you can put your comment below & I’ll post about it.

Let’s go to our today’s matter.I found that there’s already a option to do this simple connection between Facebook fanpage & twitter.All you have to to is just click this link below or enter it on your browser URL.


Then just chose which fan page you want to connect with twitter & authorize twitter from the popup page.That’s it.You’re connected to your twitter account.You can even connect your facebook main account with twitter from there.I hope it’ll be helpful for some of you.I made a video for all of you.I hope you’ll find it helpful. 

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