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Passive Income Wealth Generation Or Misnomer

According to a famous definition any income that is received on a regular basis for which no extra effort is done either for receiving it or maintaining it is known as your passive income.

The essential factor in getting rich is to find different ways through which you can generate income for yourself. A famous saying concludes the idea that the lower and middle class work for money whilst the upper class has money working for them. This is a very true statement and the key to creation of wealth is hidden in it.

The very first step in wealth creation is to find different beneficial ways through which it is possible. Wealth basically is divided in three categories by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in USA, earned or active income, portfolio income and passive income. Any money that an individual acquires lies within these three categories except for inheritance money or any money won in a lottery. As mentioned before to generate more wealth it is necessary to find multiple ways of earning passive income.

Passive income is also known as investment money. The basic idea is to generate money or income from a particular business or trade and does not require you to participate in it any way. Another definition for passive income is to obtain money without actually working for it. The main point here is to make sure that this type of income is continuous and you keep receiving it whether or not you are still working on it or not.  Any income that started as an earned income form can turn into a passive form provided to continue to receive that income without actually working for it or earning it anymore.

The reason why many people do not focus much on this kind of income is that it is a mindset established mostly due to play pokies online our educational and moral system that we rely mostly on earned income. This is also projected by the government as it is beneficial for it through generating more taxes. Though for any individual who wishes to become rich and accumulate or generate more wealth this system does not work well. In order to get wealthy it is a must that you generate passive income as well and not only rely on earned income.

Passive income is mainly dependent on your time, asset and its management. The basic concept of passive income includes usage of other people’s time and money to generate income for you.  Some very famous and basic sources of passive income are hiring your property or real estate earnings that you receive.

 Businesses too in many cases return in form of passive income. Many entrepreneurs start their business and through time when they set up a system in a manner making them replaceable the income converts into passive income. That is other people follow the system of the business and successfully run the business and not much effort is required by you further on. The key is to make yourself not needed for the proper functioning of the business yet receive a considerable amount of income in form of an owner is your passive income.

Other sources of passive income include royalty received from a published school, the renewal commission received by a financial advisor or an insurance agent, the revenue generated through multi level marketing networks, etc.

Having said all that it should also be known that passive income to a great extent is a misnomer as any sort of passive income today requires you to get involved in it at some stage or the other. In case of a property ownership or an entrepreneur you are required to put in your effort and asset to use at least initially before you start generating passive income from it at a later point onwards.

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