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Scam Warning – Ben Hames

hi.. I just wanted to let you know about a guy um.. well so called internet marketer Ben Hames. He knocked me on skype & asked for a favor. He requested me to send 50 clicks solo ads to an affiliate link. My solo ads list is only gets free offers but I wanted to help him. Well… I want to help everybody.

Anyway, I sent him the traffic but he was supposed to send them back to me but he didn’t. Just noticed that he removed me from skype. I asked about him to some well known community & found that he is a dirty guy. Spammer, Scammer whatever you call.

I want to tell you that this guy is pretty much the most unprofessional internet marketer I’ve ever met. So be careful about him & making any deal with him. I can guarantee you that you ain’t gonna get what he promised to do.

Sorry for the different kinda post. I only try to share information to my blog visitors but I do think this post going to help few people in future.

P.S. If you want proof of my claim then contact me privately. Already spent enough of my energy. Lets get productive.


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