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Solo Ad Review – David Canham

Solo Ads ReviewDo you know David Canham? You probably know because he is a great JV manager. Anyway, I ordered a solo ad blast to his list.

He offers single day blast $30, 3 days blast$75, 5 Days blast $125. He said that his list’s openings vary as per subject/content/offer but the ratio per opening is usually CTR 73 to 79%.

I honestly don’t know anybody getting over 6% open rate max for their solo ad list. Now that is even not gonna happen daily. Average open rate is right now 2-4% for most of the solo ad seller.  Its because people mail their solo ad list on daily basis so the list gets less responsive day by day.


Here is the tracker stats:


Now that’s not an acceptable result from a solo ad blast. So I asked for an explanation from him & he sent me a screenshot of his solo ad blast that doesn’t even make sense in the first place. As he said his CTR is 73 to 79% so I should be getting 42406 clicks from his 58091 subscribers.

I just wanted the first two digit of subscribers from his blast. 42 subscribers for $30 is something you can call “A STEAL”.

Then after that Facebook chat he asked for two more days to send the blast again to his list with a different swipe. I knew he don’t have the ability to send me more clicks but I wanted to see what he can do. Just what I thought, he never replied so I contacted him to ask for refund.

Guess what? See for yourself…


David Canham Scam

Now I can accept bad conversion rate but not that kinda manners from someone like his age. If you’re following my blog then you probably noticed that I don’t post about any of my bad solo ad results. Its because I tested them for once so I can judge them from that one solo ad. As long as they really sent the clicks from their list, I’m cool. I got refund from him at last but still his attitude isn’t normal.


Here is my receipt: $30

David Canham


From my experience I won’t recommend to deal with him ever. You can see why is that, right?

Have you bought David Canham Solo Ads? Tell us your results below or If I’m wrong about him. Don’t forget to check my blog later for more reviews. :)


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