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Solo Ad Review – Zeid Makkawi

Solo Ad ReviewI’ve bought solo ads from Zeid Makkawi. I bought 100 clicks solo ad from him for $40.00. He generated 114 unique clicks.

Here is the stats:


Cost: $40

Clicks Bought: 100 clicks

Clicks Received: 114

Optins: 58

Conversion Rate: 50.88%

Cost/Clicks: $o.35

Cost/Optin: $o.69

Sales: 0



Here is my receipt:

Solo Ad Review – Zeid Makkawi

Here The Tracker Stats:

Solo Ad Review – Zeid Makkawi

I’d recommend buying solo ads from Zeid Makkawi:

Go here to buy a solo ad from Zeid Makkawi

Have you bought a solo ad from Zeid Makkawi? Tell us your results below. By the way, I’m gonna post more results so don’t forget to check my blog later. :)


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