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What Are Solo Ads and Ad Swaps?

Internet marketing has improved a number of businesses today. In fact, if you opt to encourage growth in your business, the first earthorder of business is to build a list of prospects who could prove themselves as buyers.

Despite the advances of social media marketing, email marketing isn’t going anywhere. Making a list of potential clients to email can bring a lot of benefits to your business.

Your list will serve as your prospects and with the right online tools like an autoresponder you can convert them into sales.

So what is the fuzz about the Solo Ads and Ad Swaps?

Solo Ads and Ad Swaps are important for any internet marketer in broadening their list. Solo Ads are basically paid advertisements where you pay someone to email their list on your behalf.

An opt in page, or your link will be affixed in order to get potential clients from someone else’s list to turn into your traffic.

On the other hand, Ad Swaps are mutual agreement between internet marketers that you both agree to trade lists. You email the existing lists in behalf of each other.

In an event when the other has more emails for instance, the other with a lesser number of emails need to send the links or the promotions twice depending on the agreement to get the right traffic.

Where Do you Find These Opportunities?

Typically, you can find these things in forums. Forums will have a lot of people looking and offering Ad Swaps. There are also those willing to sell Solo Ads.

Though there are numerous internet marketers willing to explore potential clients, it is a must to find the right person with a good reputation of turning emails into cash.

The best place where you can go aside from the forums is within your very own private niche. This way, the community is filled with individuals you personally know and those who you can trust.

What Are the Prerequisites?

Before you go and ask for Ad Swaps, or pay someone to blast their own list with your link, you first need to have a squeeze page. A squeeze page will direct the traffic to your site or enable you to have their email.

An effective squeeze page could offer freebies or so called “bribes” in exchange of the visitor’s email. It could be a free ebook or a discount.

In case , you want to pay someone for a Solo Ad, you need to have the right budget for it. Some internet marketers prefer to build their own list to get the benefits of Ad Swaps instead of just paying for the Solo Ads.

If you have this mindset, it is important to have at least 200 emails. Since most internet marketing gurus are also looking for a list similar to what they have, this will already be a good number.

In summary, email marketing is still alive despite the many changes the World Wide Web experienced in the past couple of years. Though social media marketing is becoming a household name for businesses, no one can claim that email marketing is dead.

And since it is alive and still effective in converting sales, Solo Ads and Ad Swaps are effective ways to broaden the market.

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