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Will WordPress font changes can be done on my existing blog?

will wordpress font changes can be done on my existing blog

will wordpress font changes can be done on my existing blog

Hi everybody.. just a quick short post for some of you guys  who are still thinking or worrying of font changes for your blog.I was working today on one of my micro niche site & though you guys might be interested about it.It was “Helvetica” on default with my theme which I don’t like as much as I like “Verdana”. On my previous post about wordpress font changing I’ve explained about how to change default font from your theme’s style.css but I almost forgot to mention that even if your blog is a older one with lots of articles it doesn’t matter you can still change your blog’s font & it’ll changes instantly.It’ll take same time to update yours 10000 posts & my 5 posts.So don’t worry just change it & Just go for your favorite font.You’re spending lots of time with your blog so you better try be closer with all things you love except your girl friend or wife.They won’t give you time to update this 5min work…..

So go to your bathroom with your laptop & change your blog with your favorite font.Cheers.

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